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About PrimeCare™ Planning

Medicaid Coverage for You

We are PrimeCare Planning – A Medicaid processor service that specializes in one thing: Your Medicaid approval. We are a professional application liaison with intimate knowledge of the complex nuances that govern the Medicaid program. Our mission is to provide you with an expedited Medicaid process that achieves an optimal outcome and maximized asset utilization. 
As an experienced Medicaid processing company, PrimeCare offers expert advice on how best to qualify for benefits as early as possible, answering difficult eligibility questions that often arise. We offer the highest level of service and dedication all through the long, grueling process. PrimeCare continually maintains communication with all appropriate parties to optimize this process for you and prevent gaps in your coverage.

Simplifying the Medicaid application process 

Smooth Operation

One-on-one counseling in addition to group Medicaid educational seminars. 


We collect documentation ensuring proper presentation with the Medicaid office expediting the approval process

Expedited Process 

We complete a 60 month audit on all financials. We find all potential risks in an application and work to repair concrete solutions.

We receive an approval within an average of 90 days!

Right the first time 

We will always submit a complete application to offer the quickest turnaround time. 

You will  receive a detailed biweekly report on all open Medicaid issues, if any. 

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